• Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Manmade
  • Sole: Manmade
  • Closure: Slip-On
  • Heel Height: 4.5 inches
  • Heel Type: stiletto
  • Shoe Width: Regular


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Properly composing a text is a process which entails a certain amount of complexity, demanding a great deal of precision and proper training to carry out. Although practically everyone is capable of producing a comprehensible text that passes on a message, in many cases the result is far from what we would consider a well-written text. Even in the media today we see a considerable number of errors, even in texts by journalists or people with the relevant training. In the field of translation, translated texts must be professional and precise, offering the client the quality required by this type of service . This is why professional translators pay careful attention to every detail of the text, which undergoes a thorough process of editing and proofreading before being considered the final version ready to be returned to the client. But what do we understand by a “well-written text”? What does the editing and proofreading process consist of?

Properly composing a text quality required by this type of service

Editing the text

A lot of the time, we refer to the “editing” of the text to include aspects which do not strictly form part of the process, whilst leaving out others that do. Within the process of text editing we can distinguish two types, both of which are important and necessary to achieve a correct final version of the text:

Typographical editing: Style editing:

Although the terms are often confused, the truth is that editing a text must be differentiated from proofreading, given that the two are very different processes. Whilst editing deals with the original text alone, proofreading is the comparison of an original text with its translation into another language. Proofreading consists of checking that the content is the same in both texts, even when the form, structure and expression may be different for obvious reasons. A translator must therefore thoroughly check that the translated text is loyal to the content and message of the original, guaranteeing that the translation is a copy of the source text but in another language. Otherwise, a text (e.g. a legal text ) translated into another language that doesn’t contain the same content as the original could cause significant problems for the client. The same would be true for other types of documents, whether their nature be legal, editorial, medical, scientific, economic, advertising or something different. The proofreading process is that which largely influences the quality of the final text being submitted. BBLTranslation puts all its effort into guaranteeing very comprehensive editing and proofreading processes. The proof of this lies in the trust placed in the agency by renowned clients, for whom we carry out the editing of web pages or original documents. In addition, our translation process consists of EUWLY Sony Xperia L2 Leather Wallet CaseSony Xperia L2 Protective Case Cash and Card SlotsBeautiful 3D Colorful Pattern Elegant Retro Pattern Pu Leather Case Book Wallet Flip Cover Kickstand Ma Yellow Butterfly fIQGtDY4
for all projects, in order to always ensure that the translated text is loyal to the original.

The easy usability of Pinterest makes it extremely popular with users, not only through word of mouth, but also through the direct ability to share the site via simple buttons that connect to email and social media networks.

Another element of Pinterest’s design that has helped make it so popular is its infinite scrollability.

Users can continuously scroll down their feed without ever reaching bottom and having to click a new button to get more information. ÂÂThis allows for ease of use, and even encourages losing track of time while browsing, ultimately upping time spent on the page and in turn, boosting its SEO ranking.

The growth hackers behind Pinterest also took advantage of email in order to help it go viral. Every function and action on Pinterest is linked with an email alert, which, when sent to users, keeps them up to date on what’s happening on the site and reminds them to go and engage themselves.

While emails are optional, the immediate opt-in feature helps keep users engaged and interested with very little effort on the part of either the user or the company.

Ultimately, Pinterest is such a success story because it combines two things, a really great product with an equally great scheme for viral marketing. Its growth hackers have done an incredible job of attracting new customers and keeping them engaged, which is important for growing the company and attracting more users.

But the product is also one that is extremely well-designed and useful for both individuals and companies.

Today, Pinterest is used by companies because it has a 50 percent higher conversion rate than any other site that directs people to products, and Pinterest users regularly spend more money, more often than any of the other top four social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+).

In fact, Pinterest currently generates four times more revenue per click than Twitter does and nearly three times more than Facebook.

If you’re an entrepreneur who believes in your product, and you are looking to grow your business virally online, you should pay heed to the strategy behind Pinterest’s growth.

Not only has it created a popular site that is entertaining and helpful for promoting social interaction, but one that has also helped changed the way business is conducted online.

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